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Alexander Zimin

I offer the services as the director, cameraman. Shooting in private (individual) order. Cooperation with cinema companies, and firms. The prices contractual. I consider any variants.

I am Alexander Zimin. The first trade is director of art - documentary cinema. The second trade - operator. More than 20 years of work on TV and in cinema. I work my way up from video assistant to the director. I have graduated VGIK (University of cinema). Worked with well-known directors such as A. Efros, L. Gaidai etc.

Worked with the different countries of the world: Switzerland, Germany, Iraq, India, Nepal, Japan etc. I can work in different styles: TV program, musical and entertaining shows, the docudrama, feature film (especial film-comedies), advertising, the reporting etc. I make a shooting on anyone TV camera: Betacam SP, DV, DV-CAM.

Took part in creation of the following works: political, entertaining, historical, theatres, children's, representation films, serials on TV, sports, cognitive , musical, advertising, weather.

I am sociable and hardworking. I appreciate the decent (considerable) people. I respect the professionals in the business. I love travels, humour, beauty and work.

Russia, Moscow.

The telephone:581-98-33 (for Moscow)
8 - 095-581-98-33 (for others)

EMail: ZiminVideo@mail.ru